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DM Decos offers exclusive design possibilities and custom solutions and product offerings.   If there is a demand, or if a minimum order is placed by our strategic partners, we will make new doorbell designs exclusively for our partners.   Some of the other products that we offer include custom dog blankets, dog art, and dog jewelry (“bling”).  We help our customers to spot opportunities and anticipate trends.  Let us be of assistance to you and increase your revenue stream.


  • Revenue Source – Consistent recurring revenue stream.
  • Drives Traffic – Gets people “in the door” and gets eyes on other products as well.
  • Hits the Right Demographic– Passionate, with money.
  • Unique and Functional Art – The artistic merit is obvious and we all need to have a doorbell—why not have a doorbell that has the same artistic merit as the home to which it is attached?  This product is unique and differentiates you from you the competition, all-the-while strengthening your relationship with your customers.   Niche markets equate to success and this product is a differentiator and game- changer that will reflect your innovation and interest in keeping manufacturing in the US and fostering “green” materials.
  • Value and Quality – Consistent quality and an exclusive and upscale product at the right price point.
  • The Joy Factor – Superior experiential qualities scintillate the senses and exude the passions of the owner.  Each one is an impeccable experience that puts a smile on the adoptive parent’s face.  It is there, before you walk in the door, and “greets you at the door, just like your best friend.”


  • Innovation and Creativity -- Creation is Collaboration at DM Decos by Design.   Our products represent lucrative niche-oriented opportunities.  Simply put, you don’t pay more for the extraordinary at DM Decos by Design.
  • Social Consciousness – Our doorbells are handmade, hand-painted, “green” and, most importantly, made in the USA.   Additionally, we donate a minimum of 5% of all sales to no-kill shelters throughout the USA.
  • The Guarantee – We will replace, or buy-back, unsold inventory (conditions apply).
  • Wholesale Program – We offer quantity discounts and scalable price points, as well as the possibility of “most favored pricing.”
  • Possibilities of Exclusivity in Certain Distribution Channels.
  • Responsiveness to Feedback – Our customer service is second-to-none and we are responsive to all feedback.